Bristol’s week in film: October 23-29 2020

The busters of blocks continue to run scared of the plague, but there’s an unexpected dividend in the form of mountains of new releases, many of which wouldn’t otherwise get to see the inside of a cinema. Naturally, one might suspect this is because they’re crap. And there’s more than a smidgen of truth to that. But there are also some gems among this week’s eleven (count ’em!) new releases, which are led by Irish thriller Pixie (pictured) and the latest Liam Neeson vengeance flick, Honest Thief. Classy bromance The Climb went down a treat at Sundance, documentary One Man and His Shoes takes a fascinating look at the marketing of Air Jordans (top marks to whoever is first to use the phrase “commodification of black culture”), beautiful hand-drawn animation Wolfwalkers completes Tomm Moore’s Irish folklore trilogy, and A Call to Spy tells the stories of a trio of ‘lady spies’ working for the SOE during WWII.

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that this is Halloween week. The Adventure Drive-In’s horror season at Filton Airfield kicks off on Tuesday. We’ve also helpfully gathered together all the horror flicks showing at mainstream cinemas this week. These include a preview on Thursday of Japanese-Australian director Natalie Erika James‘s much-acclaimed feature debut Relic, which comes with a recorded intro from the director herself.

Oh, and in recognition of the fact that it’s half-term week, we’ve also corralled all the kidflicks that are available to keep the little bleeders quiet for a couple of hours. That’s OK, parents – no need to thank us.

Follow the links below for more information and screening times. Go here for our comprehensive film listings.

New Releases


Event Cinema

Halloween Drive-In Cinema

Halloween Week Horror Screenings

Half Term Week Fun for Kids

Post-Lockdown Releases

  • Film / Drama


    Ben Wheatley's bash at the Daphne du Maurier classic, previously filmed by Hitchcock

  • Film / Art House

    Saint Maud

    An arthouse demonic possession psychological horror/thriller

  • Film / Comedy

    On the Rocks

    Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray team up again for a boozy father-daughter caper comedy

  • Film / Fantasy


    Supernatural romance reheats 'Ghost' for teens

  • Film / Drama


    Bizarre drama about a family of grifters whose encounter with a stranger changes their lives

  • Film / Drama


    An authentic portrait of female friendship from the director of Suffragette

  • Film / Action


    Christopher Nolan's typically mind-bending, time-travelling science fiction espionage thriller

  • Film / Action

    The New Mutants

    Bristol's very own Maisie Williams makes her X-Men franchise debut as shapeshifting Wolfsbane

  • Film / Thriller


    A very cross Russell Crowe menaces a single mother in this road rage thriller

Pre-Millennial classics

  • Film / Comedy


    Tom Hanks stars in the best of the 1980s slew of body swap comedies

  • Film / Art House

    Cinema Paradiso

    30th anniversary return of Oscar-winning if overly sentimental homage to the golden age of cinema

    Showcase Cinema De Lux: Tuesday, Dec 8 2020

  • Film / Action


    4K restoration of Katsuhiro Ohtomo's ground-breaking 1988 anime

  • Film / Action

    Rocky II

    The big lug gets a rematch in this effective 1979 sequel

21st Century Hits