Gints Zilbalodis
Running Time
75 mins

A lad tumbles out of a plane and lands on a weird volcanic island filled with birds, turtles and cats. Oh, and a monster that kills everything it touches. Luckily, he finds a motorbike and charges off in the hope of escaping the beast and returning home.

Written, produced, directed, scored, and animated over the course of three-and-a-half years entirely by award winning Latvian filmmaker Gints Zilbalodis, who pretty much made up the story as he went along, Away is a strikingly surreal blend of dream and reality. “If you’re going to take a risk at going out to a cinema to see one movie, don’t bother with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet; see this instead in a darkened theatre on a big screen,” asserted The Guardian boldly.

By robin askew, Friday, Sep 11 2020


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