Blind Date: Imy & Adam

Did amour blossom for the Francophiles on this cheese and wine date?

Love - Blind date

Blind date: Dave and Lucy

'We might meet again at Montpelier Bean Feast'

Love - Blind date

Sax on the first date

Nat Brereton has a blow on a special first date

Love - blind dates

Blind date: Joanne and Miles

Is drinking until 6am the night before a date ever a good idea, Miles?

Love - Blind date

Blind date: Laura and Andy

Did hearts flutter over a bottle of wine at The Grace?

Love - Blind date

Blind date: Candi and Charlie

'I nearly sat down with a random guy'

Love - Dating

Blind date: Kate and Jon

'We told them we were getting married'

Love - Dating

Blind Date: Holly and Shahan

'He wasn't quite Aidan Turner'

Love - Dating