The Boxtrolls

Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
Running Time
97 mins

Adapted from Bristol-based Alan Snow‘s novel Here Be Monsters!, this animation from Laika Studios – who gave us Coraline, ParaNorman and Kubo and the Two Strings – is a cut above the usual pap served up to kids.

It’s the tale of an agreeably scuzzy species of subterranean junk collectors who emerge only at night to scour the streets of Cheesebridge, much to the displeasure of the fat-cats who run the place. When the mayor’s daughter defects to the Boxtroll camp, you don’t have to look far for a kid-oriented class war analogy. That’s right UKIPpers – Hollywood is indoctrinating your kids with SOCIALISM!

By robin askew, Saturday, Apr 1 2017

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