The Climb

Michael Angelo Covino
Running Time
98 mins

Lifelong best buddies Michael (director Michael Angelo Covino) and Kyle (Kyle Marvin) are on a two-man cycling excursion before Kyle marries his French girlfriend, Ava (Judith Godreche). Michael then takes the opportunity to reveal that he’s been shagging the bride. Next time we meet them, there’s been a wedding and a funeral. Only slowly do we find out what happened.

Expanded from a short film of the same title, Michael Angelo Covino’s debut feature is a heartfelt comedy-drama of male friendship that threatens to give the ‘bromance’ genre a good name. It went down a treat with critics at – where else? – the Sundance Festival. “Mixing broad farce with fine-grained character study, [this] is a smart, moving anatomy of a toxic friendship,” was Variety‘s verdict.

By robin askew, Tuesday, Oct 20 2020

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