Date: Thursday, Mar 5 - Saturday, Mar 7
Venue: Tobacco Factory Theatres: Spielman Theatre

Lewis Doherty presents a one-man fantasy adventure tale. Prepare for arrows to roll and heads to fly in this action-packed comedy of swords, sorcery and swill!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Skadi. A distant land and place of adventure where pirates, bounty hunters and thieves do battle in a world on the brink of destruction.

Boar and orphan Ylfa are on a quest for revenge until they are captured by the King and sent on a journey to rescue his daughter from the evil dragon Gorn. Who will survive in this Game of Thrones-style quest of epic proportions, formidable consequences and dark magic?

Armed with just himself and a chair, Lewis Doherty presents a highly physical fantasy adventure tale with over 40 characters. BOAR follows the critical success and a sell-out run of Lewis’s debut thriller, WOLF.

March 5-7, 8pm, from £12, 60 mins. For more info, visit

Pic: Pamela Raith

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By steve wright, Tuesday, Feb 11 2020

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