Peach Club

Date: Monday, Aug 19 2019
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Exchange
Price: £5 adv

Peach Club, a punk, riot grrrl band, have just released their debut EP Bitch Diaries which explores ideas such as feminism and sexuality in an empowering and exciting new way. They are joined by Lilith Ali, whose music combines different genres, such as anti-folk and soul and Drunken Butterfly, another punk band focused on feminist issues, but this time from Bristol. Nervous Rex, a non-binary punk band will also be playing, becoming the fourth in a wonderful array of bands. This fusion of styles and range of political and social messages means the event is sure to be fun, empowering and a vent for many modern frustrations and difficulties.

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By grace hillier, Thursday, Aug 15 2019

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