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Natalie Fee

Date: Tuesday, Nov 12
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Stanfords
Price: £4

The award-winning, Bristol-based environmental campaigner and founder of City to Sea, Natalie Fee, introduces her new book, How to Save the World for Free.

“We know that a better world is possible. One where we all get to breathe clean air, marvel at the abundance of wildlife and enjoy life without worrying if it’s about to self-destruct. But how do we get there? Can it be easy, fun and free?

“Covering all key areas of our lives, from food and travel to politics and sex, Natalie’s book will galvanise you to think and live differently.  Unlike other guides to green living, How to Save the World for Free also addresses the big barriers to change including broken political systems, capitalism and consumerism- and gives us practical and engaging ways to disrupt them.

“With revived interest in the environment and a bid to reverse the effects of climate change, this book aims to get more people thinking about the changes they can personally make to their lifestyles to help change the world.”

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By joe melia, Monday, Sep 30 2019

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