BUG Exhibition

Date: Thursday, Aug 1 2019 - Thursday, Oct 31 2019
Venue: Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery

Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery showcases five designers exploring the world of bugs, butterflies and bees through statement and bespoke jewellery pieces.

“This stunning collection offers a chance to creatively delve into a part of the natural world. Study the intricacies laced in a butterfly wing necklace, or the delicate tip of a pincer from the bug broach cast in gold.

“Draw inspiration from the more glamourous side of a bug’s life with a design offering a busy swarm of bees and offset with a scattering of diamonds or a fashionable foil-embossed leather beetle earrings.

“The five designers deliver a plethora of material and design concepts from contemporary interpretations, to striking fashion statements, each showcasing their unique style of jewellery for the bug lovers!”

Designers: Max Danger (Bee Ring, pictured), Zoya Dickinson, Lucie Groom, Rositia Bonita and John Moore.

Aug 1-Oct 31, Diana Porter Contemporary Jewellery, 33 Park Street, BS1 5NH, Mon-Sat 10.30am-6pm / Sun 11.30am-4.30pm.

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By steve wright, Sunday, Aug 4 2019

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