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Lam: ‘This is the one we need to get going’

By martin booth, Saturday Oct 17, 2020

Following Bristol’s victory in the European Challenge Cup, Bears director of rugby, Pat Lam, said that Friday night’s victory will be the first of many for his team.

Pat Lam, Bristol Bears director of rugby

“I said to them before the game, let’s celebrate who we are, the Bristol Bears, and what that means. Our culture, our love, the way we play the game. Let’s be true to it. And the way they started. The try from the very beginning was fantastic.

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“But then we also talked about joy. There’s a difference between joy and happiness. Happy is a feeling. Joy is when you know what you’re going to do; your brothers are there, you know that there are going to be tough times – because we know they’re a quality team and we will be under pressure – but you have that joy knowing that we will come through it and work our way.

“When we are behind, the maturity of the group, and the leaders, and to come back, to work our way back and win the game, I’m very proud, very proud…

“This will be the first of many. This is the one we need to get going and it’s just getting something to represent the hard work… I’m just so pleased for everybody…

“We talked about inspiring our community through rugby success. That’s our vision. And this is not the end. This is just a moment of inspiration that everyone can take hold of. And when we come back, we are not satisfied with that. We’ve just got to keep going, keep pushing each others’ standards, keep trying to be better.

“And we said that, right from the day I arrived here, if every person gets better, staff or players, the team will get better. Our whole community will love it and be inspired…

“Everyone here shows that it’s not just about the individual. There are guys who are unbelievable, world-class, but hadn’t won things as well, and there are guys who are first-time, and I’m so pleased that they can add that.

“But more important, the learning, that the reason they’ve got it is that they put their effort into the team and as a team, we won this. And that’s the biggest message that we always say. It’s about the team and what you can add to the team.”

Chris Booy, Bristol Bears chairman

“I just can’t believe it. My phone’s going crazy. I’m going crazy. But what a game, well deserved, the boys were magnificent…

“This is what I have dreamt of. Twenty years I’ve been doing this and I’m finally going to get my hands on a trophy…

“I’m so sorry that (the fans) can’t be here to share this with us but they’ll be watching it on the telly and we’ll have to just do it again next year for them.”

Joe Joyce, ‘King of Southmead’

“There are no Bristol fabs here now, but we’re so proud to represent this city… Everyone is here to represent Bristol and we’re so proud…

“We’ve talked about all season, trusting our process, trusting our systems… The leaders we have today on the field are outstanding. They stay so calm and that comes through the rest of the lads.

“Honestly. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy. Last time I cried was when Corey Smith scored against Man United. Abd before that, I cried happy tears when the Gas got relegated, so this is on a par with that.”

Joe Joyce thought he had crossed the line for a try but it was ruled out for a forward pass – photo by JMP

Main photo by JMP

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