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Defaced Banksy in Barton Hill set to be restored and protected

By martin booth, Tuesday Feb 18, 2020

The owners of the house in Barton Hill on which Banksy created his latest artwork have pledged to restore it after it was tagged soon after appearing.

The red flowers are now protected behind perspex with the stencil of the girl behind plywood and a metal fence.


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In a statement, the owners of the property said that they took the “difficult decision to box the artwork for a short period of time to prevent further damage from vandals and Storm Dennis”.

The flowers that make up half of the new piece on Marsh Lane are now protected behind perspex – photo by Martin Booth

The family owners hope that the steps they have taken “will also enable the restoration of the artwork so that the local community and visiting public can enjoy Banksy’s newest piece as it was originally presented”.

Banksy officially confirmed the piece was his on Valentine’s Day, but it was soon tagged with ‘BCC wankers’ in pink spray paint.

The work could soon be displayed in bespoke clear viewing boxes. CCTV will also be installed and the owners of the house say that any further damage will be reported to the police.

On behalf of the owners of the house, Kelly Woodruff said: “The family feels a strong responsibility to ensure the art is available for the enjoyment of the people of Bristol and the general public.

“All measures are temporary and we ask that the public are patient while we work out the best way to clean the damage, restore and protect it for the future so everyone can enjoy Banksy’s work.

“We hope everyone will understand that these steps are necessary.”

Main photo by Martin Booth

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