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Banksy in Barton Hill boarded up

By martin booth, Monday Feb 17, 2020

The new Banksy artwork in Barton Hill has been hidden from view as quickly as it appeared.

Officially confirmed to be a Banksy original on Valentine’s Day, the next day it was tagged in pink spray paint with the words ‘BCC wankers’.


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Could the tagging be a reference to Bristol City Council? Was the perpetrator not a fan of people who blind copy their emails? Or do they have a grudge against the British Chamber of Commerce?

It is believed that the tagging happened in the early hours of Saturday morning, despite local residents attempting to protect the work with a perspex sheet.

On Saturday afternoon, workmen arrived to board up the artwork and erect a metal fence in front of the building on the corner of Marsh Lane.

Workmen boarded up the Banksy in Barton Hill on Saturday afternoon – photo by Ri Meredith

Banksy’s stencil is now hidden, with the tagging just able to be seen – photo by Martin Booth

Banksy cut his graffiti teeth alongside the likes of Inkie and Cheo at the former Barton Hill Youth Centre, which has since become a boxing club.

Some of his work still survives on the walls there, unlike this latest piece of his just a few hundred yards away.

Main photo by Martin Booth

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