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Only Fools and Horses artwork appears in Ashton Gate

By ellie pipe, Monday Jul 27, 2020

Face masks are the accessory that will mark out much of the street art from 2020 for years to come.

The latest piece, featuring Del Boy peddling a stack of the protective coverings from his trademark suitcase on a collapsible stand, is fittingly located in his old stomping ground in Ashton Gate.

Street artist DIFF has created the tribute to the Only Fools and Horses character on Durnford Street, opposite the block of flats that was used as the Trotter residence Nelson Mandela House in the much-loved BBC show from the sixth series onwards.

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Posting a picture of his work on Instagram, the artist said: “Good old del boy trying to make a couple of quid selling face masks.”

Word is already getting out about this recent coronavirus-themed piece. On Monday afternoon, a car pulls up onto Durnford Street and a man runs out to grab a photo of the lovable rogue played by David Jason peddling his latest wares.

Only Fools and Horses may have been set in Peckham, but much of the filming took place in Bristol. Whitemead House behind Ashton Gate Stadium was used as the backdrop for Nelson Mandela House and the cafe now known as Lockside on Brunel Lock Road was once the site of the famous Sid’s Café.

DIFF’s artwork follows in the footsteps of others, including Banksy, who have documented the coronavirus pandemic with topical pieces.

Del Boy is peddling face masks in his old stomping ground

All photos by Ellie Pipe

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