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Stories From Our City showcase: Nasra

By ellie pipe, Wednesday Apr 1, 2020

Kendra Adrien’s short film focuses on the inspirational story of her friend, Nasra.

It is a tale of resilience, friendship and shattering stereotypes set against a backdrop of Bristol.

“I like to think that people see me as just Nasra, I hope that they don’t just see that I’m a black Muslim woman,” says Nasra in the short film of the same title, which details her inspiring journey from France to Bristol and her experiences – both good and bad – in the city.

Kendra made the film as part of the Stories From Our City pilot project, run by boomsatsuma in collaboration with Bristol24/7.

It was first showcased at an event held in the auditorium of the Royal Photographic Society HQ in Paintworks in February 2020.

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