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Stories from our city is helping creatives get their voices heard

By lowie trevena, Friday Nov 29, 2019

Bristol24/7 teamed up with boomsatsuma in September on a initiative to address the lack of diversity on the creative industry and to give six young people in Bristol the opportunity to take part in a new film-making project.

Stories From Our City targeted people from marginalised communities and teaches the skills needed to tell stories through film. The course is led by boomsatsuma, who have delivered arts and culture opportunities to more than 5,000 children and young people in the South West.


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The course covers everything needed to make a film – from narrative building to film production.

Five of the young people able to access film training thanks to Bristol24/7 and boomsatsuma

“I’ve never had any professional training in filmmaking until now, it’s all been self-taught because accessing the training is expensive,” says Kitty, one of the creatives on the course. “I wanted to do this course to get more experience so I can make films about issues I care about, such as fast fashion. I’m especially interested in gaining skills in cinematography and editing – they’re not easy to teach yourself!”

Raekwon adds: “I’m into gaming and I’ve taught myself basic editing skills by making short films showing what I’ve done in the game. This has made me realise that this is an industry that I want to get into, but getting experience is hard.

“I’m particularly interested in this course because Bristol24/7 has organised for us to each have a mentor from the film industry in Bristol. This is an amazing opportunity as I will actually get to meet and learn from people who are working in the industry, and maybe even get an opportunity to work with them.”

Those on the course have been paired with mentors in the film industry and will also be supported to find further opportunities in the industry once the course has ended.

Photos thanks to Hannah Cornford

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