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‘The people of Bedminster have a unique opportunity to shape the future of their neighbourhood’

By steve sayers, Thursday Nov 21, 2019

Bedminster Green, an area directly next to Windmill Hill City Farm, is about to be developed.

The farm has recognised that there is an opportunity to work with the five developers and create some spaces that are community owned and have come up with a vision, that they believe will reflect the community’s hopes.


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We want to see creation of a lasting, well-designed place that delivers real quality of life. The development should bring people from elsewhere to the area, increasing footfall for local businesses, complementing and enhancing East Street and the surrounding neighbourhood. It should provide additional amenities and a central hub for a range of services to the neighbourhood and the city.

It must create an environment that encourages wildlife, incorporates nature and is enriching of people’s wellbeing.

Imagine an urban village, based around a central green, with a community meeting place: a mixture of community businesses, childcare, a youth club, library space, a well-being centre, cultural and commercial activity.

The Bedminster Green development area

The city farm acting as a champion for its community is nothing new and community ownership is now a key trend which has been proven to aid the success of regeneration in a neighbourhood.

Do you want the farm to negotiate with the developers on your behalf? What would you like to see happen?

Join in the conversation at the farm on Thursday, December 5 from 6.30pm-9pm. Find out more at

Steve Sayers is chief executive at Windmill Hill City Farm and is the lead on the Bedminster Green Hub project

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