A Taste of Self-Love

Date: Thursday, May 24 2018
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: Wickham Theatre
Chrispin Lema

New play written and directed by Chrispin Lema.

London, 2016: a sweet, cheeky girl called Malkia starts her first day at secondary school.

She’s in for a surprise, but luckily, she has her Grandpa and older brother, Kingozie, to listen to how her day went at school. Is she proud of being black? Is she proud of her natural hair? Does she find it cool to have an African name?

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Kingozie is a charismatic young lad, who loves to wind up his Grandfather. However, he wonders why his father never gave him the same amount of love that Malkia, his sister got. Are boys’ issues less important than girls? Does it make you less of a man to cry and to have feelings?

Chrispin Lema has performed in three theatre productions at the Wickham: The Seagull, Coriolanus and Blood Wedding. He has also performed in The Royal Gala at Bristol Old Vic.

5-6.30pm, For more info, visit

By steve wright, Saturday, Apr 28 2018

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