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My Bristol Favourites: Leeza Awojobi

By martin booth, Friday Aug 16, 2019

Leeza Awojobi is a poet and storyteller who is one of the artists taking part in a series of new exhibitions at The Station curated by Creative Youth Network.

Leeza’s exhibition, Hear Lies Disagreement, will explore the notion of how we verbally engage with each other in an increasingly polarised culture. To see more of her work, visit

Here are Leeza’s top-five Bristol favourites:

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Spike Associate Space

“This is my new favourite work space! If you find yourself being distracted from freelance work at home, or don’t want to spend money everyday in a coffee shop, Spike Associate Space is ideal. With a membership card, it has unlimited 24 hour access to printing and editing software on Macs. It also has a kitchen and a library. There are always other artists around to chat to or you can sit in during the lunch time talks.”

Bikkle Island

“If you’re looking for great food in Easton, let me tell you, the food here is super! And it’s made even more special by the generous portions and great customer service. Have a lovely meal to sit down in the original Bikkle Island restaurant on Stapleton Road or take a fresh patty home to enjoy.”

The Station

“I’ve got a soft spot for The Station because this is where I created my first project with the Creative Youth Network and it’s where will be producing an exhibition called Hear Lies Disagreement this October. As an emerging artist, you can find a great deal of support here and access resources and people who can help you with your creative practice. I’ve also had a good laugh being part of Ujima’s Rise Up breakfast show as a presenter. Tune in to some local community radio!”

Kensington Baptist Church

“As a Christian, I love Kensington Baptist Church on Stapleton Road because I get to experience a diverse community with the same aim. It’s a place where you’re allowed to ask tough questions about the faith and yet feel acknowledged and heard.”

Glass Wharf

“When I need to clear my head and reflect, I make my way to the water at Glass Wharf, usually at night. Joy within the Dings community of St Philip’s has been restored because the cheesegrater bridge was brought back a few months ago. At night, it’s just so peaceful to walk across. ”

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