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A left-wing bar is being planned for Old Market

By lyle renwick, Monday Jul 10, 2017

Bristol has already got a cat cafe, a gin bar, a board game cafe and a magic pub.

Soon we might also get a left-wing bar called The Magic Money Tree, with its would-be owner hoping to bring together left-wingers with no party bias to act as an “informational hub”.

“There’s never been a better time to open Bristol’s first openly left-wing and pro-EU bar,” says Harry Matuszewicz-Milne.

Originally from Aberdeen, Matuszewicz-Milne moved to Bristol in 2011 with his interest in politics now spilling over into a business idea.

An ideal location for the The Magic Money Tree would be in Old Market, within the Bristol West constituency where 78 per cent of residents voted remain in the EU referendum, and which had the largest increase in vote share for Labour in the UK at last month’s General Election.

A notice board and informed staff in the bar would provide information on gaining permanent residency, upcoming protests, activist meetings and activities, as well as fundraisers for those affected by government cuts.

“Whilst not endorsing any political party, speakers from left-leaning parties, activist groups, environmental organisations, pressure groups, unions and journalists would make regular talks,” says musician Matuszewicz-Milne, whose first half of his surname comes from his Polish wife.

His idea is to create a space for people to talk about their political beliefs but also share a drink and have a good time in a casual environment.

The bar is still very much in the planning stages, with Matuszewicz-Milne still trying to nail down the finer details.

But he says that it is “quickly growing momentum” and he hopes to start a crowdfunder campaign in an aim to raise money to open The Magic Money Tree within the next 12 months.

Matuszewicz-Milne is currently asking people their opinions about his ideas for the bar. To take part, visit


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