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Bristol is officially the UK’s top bicycle commuting city

By Bristol24/7, Thursday Nov 28, 2019

Bristol is the UK city with the highest number of transportation cyclists per head of population, according to new data from exercise measuring app Strava.

The data comes as Strava launched a significantly upgraded iteration of Metro, its transport infrastructure and planning tool based on its members’ exercise statistics.


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Metro was launched in 2014 and is sold to cities around the world to enable urban planners to analyse cycle commuting patterns and other forms of active transport.

Strava’s heat map shows Bristol’s most popular cycling commuting corridors

According to Strava, Bristol is the UK’s leading cycle commuter city out of those measured, with 29 cycle commuters per 1,000 head of population. Next is Newcastle, with 21 per 1,000; followed by Southampton, with 16.4 per 1,000.

Manchester and Liverpool rank lowest among major cities, with 7.7 and 6.6 cycle commuters per 1,000, respectively.

Strava’s Metro tool can be used to plot the most popular cycling commuter corridors, based on the volume of travel during commuting hours; with the company finding a clear correlation between the amount invested in cycling infrastructure and the concentration of cycling commuters.

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