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Bristol Charity Advent Calendar 2019, day 13: Motivation

By lowie trevena, Thursday Dec 12, 2019

Based in Bedminster, Motivation empowers disabled people in developing countries and is at the forefront of cutting-edge wheelchair technology.

The charity, founded by David Constantine, launched in 1991 and provides wheelchairs, support and training for thousands of disabled people in developing countries, where mobility is often the key to survival.

David Constantine says he was shocked to see the conditions disabled people in developing countries were forced to endure

Motivation often finds that disabled people are often excluded from their communities, so the charity provides parent and carer training and support wheelchair using children.

“Parents can begin to love their child,” says chief executive Amanda Wilkinson. “Our work helps destigmatise wheelchair users.”


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To mark International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3 the charity launched their All-Stars Appeal, which will support disabled children in Uganda to go to primary school.

The appeal will be aid matched by the UK Government, meaning that for every £1 donated to a UK Aid Match charity appeal by, the Government will also contribute £1 of UK aid.

The appeal aims to raise £240,000 and all public donations between 3 December 2019 and 3 March 2020 will be doubled by the UK Government. Money donated will go towards breaking the stigma surrounding disability through sports and games to show that disabled children can be included in school and in community life.

The All-Stars Appeal will support disabled children in Uganda

It’s a true feat that such a small charity, based in humble abodes in south Bristol, can have such a positive and wide-reaching global impact.

“We have a real global reputation,” says Amanda. “We might not be that big, but we have a global influence that we can use for good.”

Find out more and support the charity at www.motivation.org.uk

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