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Bristol Charity Advent Calendar 2019, day 21: Creative Youth Network

By lowie trevena, Thursday Dec 19, 2019

Helping young people reach their full potential, no matter their background or circumstances, Creative Youth Network (CYN) is a charity giving young people the opportunities needed to enter adulthood confidently and successfully.

The charity supports young people in Bristol and South Gloucestershire through social and emotional support, access to alternative education, creative courses and youth centres.


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During 2019, CYN supported more than 5,300 young people through their services to help young people, often experiencing barriers to stop them flourishing, to unlock their skills and confidence so they can change the world as adults.

Many of the individuals CYN work with and marginalised, not in education, suffer poor mental health, are in care or are care leavers, are asylum seekers or refugees, disabled, from low income households or from an ethnic minority.

Young people celebrating Eid at CYN

“We work with young people across Bristol and South Gloucestershire to enable them to reach their potential.” says Adreea Dumitrache, who works for the charity. “Although we’re delighted to be able to reach and engage with more young people, it’s also a concern that this growing need exists.”

CYN’s four youth centres, The Station, Hillfields, The Stokes, Hanham, are safe and creative spaces for young people to go and build relationships and skills. Activities provided include cooking, art activities and DJing.

Staff at CYN also offer emotional support, as well as one-to-one careers advice for those aged 16 to 25 who are not in education, employment or training.

For young people for whom traditional education isn’t working, CYN provide a complimentary education programme for secondary school aged children. The charity also provides creative courses and routes to arts qualification.

Deepraj Singh directed and choreographed Rooted in partnership with CYN

Some of CYN’s latest programmes include Held in Pockets, a spoken word piece by an emerging artist about the importance of youth services, and Where are you really from, a poem from a young person about growing up in Bristol.

Photos thanks to CYN.

Find out more and support CYN at www.creativeyouthnetwork.org.uk

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