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Bristol Charity Advent Calendar 2019, Day 24: 91 Ways

By ellie pipe, Thursday Dec 19, 2019

Now, more than ever, we need to build bridges between communities and unite to celebrate our common humanity, says the founder of 91 Ways.

Named after the number of languages spoken in Bristol, the charity seeks to bring people together and break down barriers through food.


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Started in 2012, 91 Ways has held more than 150 events, brought together more than 12,000 people speaking 40 different languages from all areas of the city.

The charity’s mission is to use the power of food to bring communities together, break down barriers, enable genuine connections and encourage people to share their stories and common ground.

It does this through food sharing events and supper clubs that can also facilitate wider engagement about health and wellbeing and implementing positive, sustained changes.

“It feels that now, more than ever, we need to build bridges between communities and unite to celebrate our common humanity,” says founder Kalpna Woolf.

“Bristol is a city of 91 language communities and we want everyone who calls Bristol their home to feel a valued part of our city.”

91 Ways is seeking to expand its work

The aim now is to go deep into areas, locally and nationally, where people feel isolated, fearful and forgotten. The 91 Ways team plans to hold inter-community events so people can meet others from their community, and from other parts of Bristol, and forge friendships and understanding.

91 Ways is raising money to expand its offering and is also offering vouchers to its hugely popular supper club evenings.

To find out more and support the cause visit www.fundsurfer.com/crowdfund/91-ways-our-expansion-continues-in-2019.

To get involved, go to an event and find out what 91 Ways has planned in 2020, join the mailing list  www.91ways.org/join-mailing-list/.

Main photo by Jon Craig

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