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Vegetarian and vegan cafe East Village opens in Clifton

By martin booth, Monday Nov 13, 2017

One of the most picturesque corners of Clifton is now home to East Village, a vegetarian and vegan cafe.

East Village Cafe on Boyce’s Avenue has been months in the making and is one of the kind of places – like Anna Cake Couture just a few doors down – which will soon be all over your Instagram feed.

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Leaves cascade down the whitewashed walls from pots on wooden shelves, the cutlery is a gleaming bronze, while gold and silver stars could either be permanent fixtures or early Christmas decorations.

“This place used to sell jams and chutneys and things like that,” commented one 30-something in a wooly hat as she walked in, before spotting the counter: “Wow, just look at those salads!”

The queue starts in a dead-end hemmed in by tables and chairs which means that not only is it all rather cramped, but the staff then have to battle through the customers at busy times when a coffee from Bristol’s own Roasted Rituals is ready to be collected.


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Large glass jars of granola and muesli sit next to a gleaming silver toaster and a pot of containing the soup of the day – which on the first day of opening was sweetcorn, sweet potato and quinoa chowder.

On the counter on Sunday afternoon were sweet and savoury options from £2, including cinnamon and cardamon buns, a chocolate hazelnut torte, a pear frangipane slice, leek farinata, and a cheddar and squash melt.

Salads cost from £4.95, with options on Sunday including quinoa and beetroot, and marinated lentil.

The logo for Just So could still be seen in the steamed up window on Sunday afternoon in this historic building which most recently was the award-winning Arch House Deli that closed earlier this year after more than a decade in business.

By mid-afternoon on its first day of opening, university students still wearing their festival wristbands from the summer sat next to Clifton residents who had just returned from the Remembrance Day service in the former St Andrew’s churchyard, East Village already tempting a steady stream of new customers through its doors.

East Village Cafe, Boyce’s Avenue, Clifton Village, Bristol, BS8 4AA

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