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New Instagrammable cafe opens in Clifton Village

By martin booth, Tuesday Jun 18, 2019

Instagram has got a lot to answer for, with glossy magazines now fawning over eateries (a word that should be banned) perfect for your grid.

Foliage, a new cafe in Clifton Village, has a decor clearly calling out to be photographed, cropped, retouched and put through several filters before appearing on Instagram with a dozen different hashtags.

#coffeeforlife #allthebeautifulthings #caffeinecouture #livingmybestlife

The hashtag #foliage has itself been used on Instagram more than 2.3m times. This stuff is, like, seriously zeitgeist.

Foliage in Clifton Village was previously Wainwright’s

There’s plenty of foliage inside

Mind the step on the way in

The clue is in the name of this cafe on Regent Street in Clifton Village that was most recently Wainwright’s.

Foliage has a variety of plants scattered around the place, including ivy dripping from a few pots on shelves on two walls, and wooden shelves containing far more plants than bags of coffee.

The coffee here is from Clifton Coffee, currently their EQ V 16 seasonal espresso blend from Colombia, Rwanda and Tanzania, with tasting notes of cranberry, fudge and green apple.

Food options range from pastries and toasted sourdough to a granola bowl (£3.50), overnight oats (£4.20) and a breakfast wrap (£5.50); all to be eaten in verdant surroundings.

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