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New cafe opens in RWA

By martin booth, Saturday Aug 26, 2017

A neon sign behind the counter at The Epiphany illuminating its name in red letters could quite easily be an artwork hung on the walls of the RWA, in which this new cafe occupies a corner of the ground floor.

Day one on Friday and there was already a queue soon after midday in the narrow room that once upon a time was where patrons of this prestigious art gallery went to powder their nose.

The space has been mostly empty since the departure of Papadeli, with a new table created along one wall overlooking the Victoria Rooms and guests also able to sit on the gallery’s balcony upstairs.

Toasties on opening day were goat’s cheese, fig and honey, or mozzarella, tomato and spinach on sourdough rye – both £3.85 and one pound more with salad.

There was a vegan and veggie friendly beetroot and radish sandwich for £3.50. Two quiche options – pea, mint and cheddar, and mushroom – were popular lunchtime options for £3.85 for the mostly older patrons.

Also on the counter, there were more colours worthy of a cafe in an art gallery, in particular the carrot and pomegranate cake, with all the sweet treats made by co-owner Bethen Reid.

Tasting notes for Extract’s seasonal special Uncle Funka show that coffee is taken seriously here and it is prepared expertly by co-owner Alex Zeal.

Epiphany also serves 10 different Canton teas as well as a selection of wines and locally-brewed beers.

The owners are both committed to local produce, with the tarte tartin made with rhubarb grown on an allotment in Easton, and the soup using peas and courgettes from a garden in the Forest of Dean.

Every Sunday, the menu will feature a different star ingredient that is grown by one of Bethen’s or Alex’s foodie friends.

The Epiphany, RWA, Queen’s Road, Bristol, BS8 1PX


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