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Bristol DJ Bruce launches new party series

By georgia marsh, Wednesday Sep 25, 2019

Bristol DJ and producer Bruce has announced the launch of his new event series – the GET LOOSE PARTY – at the city’s kinkiest club, Dare to Club.

Named after his monthly Noods Radio show, GET LOOSE PARTY #1 comes off the back of the success of his Houghton fallout event How-Can This Happen? – a last-minute shindig put together in August by the Hessle Audio affiliate after the festival was cancelled due to bad weather. The ‘What’ noisemaker’s alternative party sold out almost instantly as desperate festival-goers searched for somewhere to dance away their woes.


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Like How-Can This Happen, GET LOOSE PARTY #1 will be put up at the St. Phillips haunt that’s a sometimes dance music venue, sometimes swingers club. “The intentions are the same too” Bruce – the moniker of Larry McCarthy – wrote on Facebook, “bringing together all the best things about soundsystem/club culture in a big loop of love to create maximum positive vibes for the dancers and all those involved”.

There will also be a secret line-up this time around, with the last Bruce party playing host to Livity Sound residents Hodge, Peverelist and Danielle as well as rising underground star Willow. Yet, he promises the new show, that’ll kick off at 10 pm on Saturday, November 9, will have a beefier line-up.

He also assures fans, “it’s not going to be too crammed; we are gonna spend longer on optimising the sound for each room”. It’ll be an inclusive party atmosphere, too: “Dance respectfully. Everyone is here to have a good time. If you see anyone being a knob to you or anyone else, please point them out to me or a member of staff.”

Bruce’s GET LOOSE PARTY #1 will take place at Dare to Club on Saturday, November 10. Tickets are £10 and limited: to reserve your spot on the dancefloor, visit

Photo by @snapsofbruce on Instagram.

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