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The Island pave the way for sustainable nightlife in Bristol

By georgia marsh, Friday Sep 20, 2019

We’re lucky to live in Bristol: a city full of innovators who take time and thought into helping us all live sustainably in every aspect of our lives. Recently we’ve had it all, from sustainable fashion to meat to housing projects; next comes environmentally friendly clubbing.

Earlier this year Mixmag asked how dance music can limit its environmental impact and Bristol venue The Island has implemented a pioneering move to help do their bit. At last weekend’s Samurai Music and Noise Test party, the venue debuted their cup deposit scheme – something you may have seen at festivals both across the world and in Bristol, such as at Love Saves The Day.


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“We have purchased stainless steel pint and half-pint cups for the venue,” The Island said in a statement. “From September 2019 onward we will be asking for a £3 deposit for every cup used when buying a drink from the bar. When you have finished using your cup you can return it to the bar and we will refund your £3 deposit.”

Justifying their reasoning behind this bold move, they revealed, “On average, The Island uses 12,000 cups per season; this is a small venue that operates 40 events per year. If you expand that up to a venue that is open 3 nights a week every week with a similar capacity you are looking at just under 50,000 cups.

“Disposable culture is destroying our planet and whilst reusable plastic cups are a better option than single-use plastic, it’s still plastic and plastic is the BIG problem. This feels to us the only viable option to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and we hope that you will work together with us on it.”

They do, however, recognise potential flaws in their new system, “We think buying rounds might become more complicated and in the early days of rolling this out, the bar might be a little bit slower than usual. Whilst we expect this system to be a bit awkward for us all we think it is worth it.”

In light of the climate strikes, support The Island’s put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is attitude over the next two weeks and beyond: electromotive force moves in on Saturday when PPG bring Courtesy, Andy Garvey and Alexis to the prison cells, else get your dose of acid house and sticky techno from the Rhythm Works takeover on the 27th of September, inviting Luca Lozano to the decks.

Photo by The Island

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