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Three £5,000 commissions for digital writers announced

By joe melia, Monday Aug 5, 2019

Paper Nations, Bath Spa University’s creative writing incubator, which aims to champion “inclusive, playful and exploratory” approaches to the art of writing, are inviting digital writers in the South West to apply for a share of a £15,000 commission fund. The fund will be offered to three digital writers as part of the organisation’s 2019-21 Writing for All programme, which has been set up to increase innovation and diversity

The three winners of the commission, called Beyond the Book, will be announced in October. The deadline for entries is September 1 2019.

The commission challenges writers to develop innovative models for writing and publication.  Applications can be from solo writers or partnerships of writers and technologists. It asks applicants to be inventive; to use functions such as GPS and phone cameras. Stories must be mostly text-based, but should be innovative and experimental.

The selection panel is made up of Maja Thomas (Hachette Publishing’s Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the Innovation Program), Louisa Adjoa Parker (Writer and Immersion Fellow in the South West Creative Technology Network), Steve Hollyman (Programme Coordinator and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University) and Andy Wood (Creative Technologist at Kaleider, Exeter). Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University, Kate Pullinger, who is also Director of the University’s Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries, will chair the panel.

Louisa Adjoa Parker, writer and Immersion Fellow in the South West Creative Technology Network, is on the selection panel for Beyond the Book. credit Robert Golden

Maja Thomas said: “As both a book lover and digital enthusiast, I am excited to see how mobile technology and the writer’s imagination can create new and compelling experiences and advance the art of storytelling. Beyond the Book will bring fresh perspectives to this creative frontier.”

Professor Pullinger, who developed the scheme, added: “Beyond the Book is providing a unique set of opportunities for writers to experiment with new forms of storytelling. What happens to text when you place it on a screen? Is the smartphone – always with us, always on – the perfect reading device? We are thrilled to offer these commissions, and can’t wait to see the works produced by the winners!”

To find out more about Paper Nations’ Beyond the Book project, including how to apply for one of the three £5,000 digital writing commissions, visit

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