Bristol Film Festival: Nosferatu + live score

F.W. Murnau
Running Time
94 mins

F.W. Murnau’s expressionist vampire classic, starring the splendidly creepy Max Schrek. Murnau’s film was an unauthorised adaptation of Dracula, so the title had to be changed and the Count’s name switched from Dracula to Orlok. The director wasn’t even allowed to use the word ‘vampire’.  Nonetheless, Bram Stoker’s heirs still won a court ruling that ordered all prints be destroyed. Just one escaped, and that’s the version which survives to this day. Some say it’s still the greatest vampire movie ever made.

This Bristol Film Festival screening takes place in the suitably atmospheric surroundings of Bristol Cathedral, with live, improvised organ accompaniment from Dr. David Bednall. Go here for further information and tickets.

By robin askew, Monday, Mar 27 2017

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