Interventions/2: Films by Yoko Ono

Date: Saturday, Sep 28 2019 - Tuesday, Dec 31 2019
Venue: The Georgian House Museum

World-renowned artist and activist Yoko Ono presents a solo show at The Georgian House Museum: “an intervention reclaiming the space in a new and exciting way to bring a whole new audience to the Georgian House, who will then be pulled in to explore its significance in Bristol’s history.”

The exhibition will feature several of the iconic films Yoko Ono made during the 1960s and early 1970s, such as Cut Piece (1964/5), Eyeblink (flux film no.9 and 15) 1966, Freedom 1971, Fly (1970, directed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono) as well as Sky TV (1966/2019), plus a more recent work ARISING that will be an updated version for Bristol that was first exhibited at The Venice Biennale in 2013, addressing the abuse of women.

“We live in an age where human trafficking is more prevalent than ever , so my aim is to make clear that the slave trade is not just a thing of the past but a modern human crisis – according to Amnesty International it’s at an all-time high – so having the voice of one of the most famous artist-activists in the world is a way to bring a new spotlight onto Bristol’s heritage and involvement with the slave trade, and as with all great art, it gives us permission to open dialogue and create a better understanding of ourselves and our cities past, as well as its future and what role we need it to perform.

“By experiencing conceptual art in this unexpected context, it will create a platform as an invitation to all members from all communities to join in the conversation. As we are all co-creators of our cities’ legacy, and art is one of the few authentic platforms that allow us to have difficult but necessary conversations, this will be, in effect, a show within a show.”

Sept 28-Dec 31, Georgian House Museum, Sat-Tue 11am-4pm. For more info, visit

By steve wright, Wednesday, Aug 14 2019

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