Chloe Russell

Date: Wednesday, Jul 17 - Tuesday, Aug 27
Venue: Tobacco Factory Bar

Science-art photography exhibition by photographer and science communicator Chloe Russell.

The exhibition is based on images Chloe has created from her books Host and Up Your A-Z: An Encyclopedia On Gut Bacteria.

“When we apply a magnifying glass to ourselves, we see the countless bacterial guests that join us. Complex communities of bacteria inhabit our bodies, some being passed from generation to generation, forever evolving with us for lifetimes and beyond.

“We are indeed outnumbered by bacteria to human DNA by an impressive three to one. So we have to ask the question… Who’s hosting who?”

Chloe Russell is a photographer, science communicator and founder of the Host Lab, a visual celebration of bursting art and science with a focus of the symbiosis of human microbiota in the form of photography.

“Each living being and place has its own unique and personal biological signature. I take samples from people, places or things that hold a position of importance and grow them into unique experiences in the form of photography.”

July 17-Aug 27, Tobacco Factory cafe/bar. For more info, visit and

By steve wright, Tuesday, Jul 30 2019

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