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Period products given to Bristol Ladies Union Football Club

By lizzie gill, Tuesday Jan 21, 2020

Players at Bristol Ladies Union Football Club now have free-to-access pads and tampons whenever they need them, without having to ask their male coaches.


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Various products were provided for all age categories and preferences by Natracare, a plastic-free period company based in Bristol.

Some of Natracare’s organic products. Photo from Natracare

The company have provided the club’s 200 young players with plastic-free emergency period-protection packs in their team’s kit bag so the players can focus on improving their game without worrying about period products.

Bristol Ladies Union is a football club for girls and young women based in North West Bristol, encouraging the players to improve through supportive coaching.

The products from the eco-friendly company was welcomed by the players and staff, who are now are covered whether they get their first period during training or a game or are used to periods but forgot to pack protection.

Main photo by Martin Lewis

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