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What are you most looking forward to about 2017?

By bristol247, Tuesday Dec 20, 2016

We asked people across Bristol to look forward to the year ahead. Here is what they said, from no more roadworks to teaching how to make gin.

Andy Hamilton, author and forager

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“In 2017 I’m most looking forward to teaching Bristol how to make gin through my workshops. And in a less than mercenary, self-employed, looking for every opportunity way, the last time I remember politics being as divisory as they have been in 2016 was during the late 80s and 90s and it seemed to create a great need to come together- rave culture emerged for example. On top of that we had some amazing satire the best of which was spitting image. I hope that happens in 2017.”


Asher Craig, Bristol City Council cabinet member for neighbourhoods

“Strengthening the partnerships we have begun to foster with the VCS, business, education and public sector, and continuing our work on reversing inequality and promoting Bristol as an Inclusive Not Exclusive city. On a personal level, I am looking forward to my three daughters launching their new beauty company and visiting family and friends in Ethiopia, Jamaica and Europe.”


Chris Daniels, Bristol Silents

“Now in its thirteenth year, Bristol’s annual celebration of silent and visual comedy Slapstick Festival returns from January 18 to 22. This year it’s been carefully planned (not really!) to coincide with our Gala event on January 20 at the Colston Hall falling on the same day as Donald Trump’s inauguration as President and so offering light relief, music, comedy and laughter: the perfect antidote to those long  dark days in January.”


Ciara Hillyer, vlogger

“The roadworks in and around the city disappearing!”


Clayton Planter, entrepreneur

“What I’m looking forward to in 2017 is developing Street2Boardroom as a national lifestyle brand covering music, fashion, events, internet and also S2B business course.”


David Ellington, performer

“I hope to see the accessibility for things such as art organisations, retail and public services to be increased to the deaf community. It would be fantastic to see more staff who can sign in BSL. And hopefully I will appear more in accessible TV commercials and adverts. Lastly, on a personal note, I look forward to see the completion of my house renovation.”


Edson Burton, writer, historian and performer

“Seeing my creative work take flight and programming more films as part of Come the Revolution.”


Elly Curshen, chef

“My new book! Elly Pear’s Let’s Eat! will be published by HarperCollins in June 2017.”


Emma Chapman-Burnett, creative

“Bristol is always full of many pop ups, markets and events bringing varied options for entertainment in the city. I’m excited to see the range that 2017 holds in particular looking forward to the Blitz Ball in February. A throwback to the 1940s with plenty of cocktails, live music and dancing! I love a good party!”


Fiona Francombe, site director at The Bottle Yard Studios

“I’m most looking forward to 2017 as a year of improvements for the Studios. We’re keeping everything crossed that we’ll be able welcome Poldark‘s fantastic production team back for a fourth series, as well as lots of other visiting productions that I’m not able to talk about yet!”


Gavin Strange, Aardman senior designer

“I’m most excited about becoming a father for the first time. I want to learn what it is to be a great dad and look forward to learning all about the world again, from the perspective of a tiny person!”


Genevieve Taylor, food stylist

That the MetroBus will be worth all the hassle and chaos of the roadwork torture we’ve all been enduring through 2016 – and that it offers a real viable alternative to people getting in their cars (namely cheap and very reliable). I admit to feeling skeptical, but in the spirit of positivity, fingers crossed, eh?!”


Heather and Jim Lampard, Bristol Nature Channel

“We are most looking forward to the bluebell bloom in Leigh woods. It really is a feast for the eyes and nose!”


Jenny Urquhart, artist

“I’m looking forward to going to Pembrokeshire for the first time in my life, and doing masses of paintings of the best bits. And going to Glasto for the first time in 20 years.”


Jessica Siggers, photographer

“I’m most looking forward to MetroBus admitting it’s all been a huge bonkers experiment whilst returning the roads to normal and replanting the trees they removed, Bristol becoming the Colour Capital of the UK and Swoon finally agreeing to let me faceplant one of their gelato cakes.”


Joe O’Brien, programme editor at Made In Bristol TV

“Bristol seems to be growing in front of my very eyes. Whether that’s our city’s rapidly expanding food scene (we’re on almost one new eatery a day, right?) or somewhere to grab a pint with friends, I’m going to be spending 2017 exploring all the places that make me love Bristol more and more everyday. We’re also in the grips of a cash crisis. The looming cuts are going to be brutal. But if I know Bristol, we’ll all get together, get through it and actually come up with clever and creative ways to counter the slashing of services and spending we’re going to see very soon. That’s what I love about Bristol; I hope it sticks two fingers up to austerity, deals with whatever blow it’s dealt and just gets on with being great.” 


Jon Chamberlain, marketing manager at Visit Bristol

“I am looking forward to lots of new things in Bristol in 2017; Aerospace Bristol opening, new street art to discover, new exhibitions, new events (as well as the return of some old favourites), new restaurants to eat at and new cocktails to sip. All this combined with everything that makes Bristol one of the friendliest, most dynamic and diverse cities in the world – what’s not to look forward to?!”


Julian Baggini, philosopher

“I don’t like to look forward to anything too much since you can never take the future for granted. Luckily, I don’t need to because as long as I stay in good health, I know Bristol will throw plenty of great things my way.”


Kalsoom Bashir

“I’m looking forward to new beginnings. I have resigned from my job and will be taking women trekking to the paradise that is known as the Hunza valley. This will be a year I hope of reflection, evaluation and contemplation for the many that will join me. I can say as a woman in her 50s you are never to old!”


Kellie Hasbury, director at Plaster PR

“Easton Road bridge reopening – that traffic was the bane of my life last year. Working with people that we like on projects that we believe in. Getting stuck into the list of restaurants still unvisited from the 2016 list. And the Colston Hall celebrating its 150th anniversary in style!”


Maddy Bartlett, Bristol Natural History Consortium

“On such a frosty morning as I’m writing this, that’s an easy one – the summer! Bristol in the summer is the best place to be – ciders by the harbourside, barbeques in the park, Festivals every weekend… What’s not to love? And with the backdrop of amazing greenery wherever you are it feels like a step away from the countryside, you’ve got the best of both worlds – like a little village with a lot going on!”


Matthew Austin, Mayfest co-director

Matthew (left)

“I’m looking forward to all the new projects we have in the pipeline for 2017 and experiencing some of the many other festivals that happen in Bristol in May. We’ve always been so busy that we can’t check out what other people are up to, but as we won’t be delivering a festival this year it’s a great opportunity to support all the other events in the city.”


Michele Curtis, photographer

“I’m looking forward to completing the final leg of my Iconic Black Bristolians, The Seven Saints of St Paul’s Mural Initiative It will be great to see my dream and vision realised in 2017 with the erection of the final six murals around St Paul’s, for us all to celebrate the achievements and contributions made by the seven founders of the 1968 St Paul’s Festival to our city. I’m also really looking forward to the return of the St Paul’s Carnival this year.”


Miles Chambers, poet and chef

“Being the best version of myself I can be. Fulfilling my goals and aspiration and helping to inspire others, in my family, my community, my country and the world to do the same.”


Nikesh Shukla, author

“The revolution.


Peter Sanchez-Iglesias, chef

“2016 was a crazy year for me and my team. A real year of change, challenges and creation. So I’m really looking forward to consolidating in 2017, working hard and watching my three restaurants – Casamia, Pi Shop and Paco Tapas – progress in the best city in the world. New Year always gets me excited, I like the unknown and so am looking forward to enjoying the opportunities that will hopefully come my way.”


Simone Kidner, founder of PAPER and Co-LAB

“I am looking forward to meeting new people who inspire me, making deeper relationships with those I already know and love, and making a difference to other people’s lives by being open and kind to everybody that I meet.”


Tom Marshman, performer

“Well, 2016 in lots of ways has been pretty bad, I seemed to spend a lot of time turning on the radio, listening to the news and thinking what fresh hell is this. But I am essentially an optimist and I do believe it will all be okay in the end. So I guess I’m looking forward to being proved right! On a professional level I’m looking forward to touring my new show Kings Cross (REMIX), in particular presenting it at the Wardrobe Theatre, which is just opposite my flat, on April 5 and 6.”


Ursula Hutchinson, creative director at Konichiwa

“We have some exciting plans for Konichiwa in 2017. The one I’m most excited about is a new workshop we’re forming to help start-ups explore and clarify their ideas through interactive activities – due to launch in spring. I’m excited to see how the launch of ‘Indies in Bristol’ rolls-out. Expect to see more events such as the ‘How To Start’ series and one-off interactive challenges which will play out across the city with your favourite indies online and offline.”


Zoe Banks Gross, director of Easton Energy Group

“I’m hoping that in 2017, there will be more working together to make our world a better place. 2016 seemed to be focused intensely on creating differences between people. We’re all just people at the end of the day, and we need to go beyond our political, class and ethnic divides if we’re going to create a future for our next generation.”

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