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My Bristol Favourites: Tom Marshman

By martin booth, Thursday Jan 30, 2020

To celebrate working for 21 years as an artist, Tom Marshman is bringing together some of his friends from theatre, cabaret, clubs, and live art land for what he promises will be an evening of messed-up live art cabaret at the Trinity.

Expect short hit and run performances from Tom and friends, as well as ‘roastings’ from pals including Cath Hoffman and Scottee at I Am 21 on February 21. For tickets and more information, visit

Here are Tom’s top-five Bristol favourites:

Old Market Street

“This is my patch and I love living here. There are lots of characters out, and about and it’s so close to the centre. I don’t like all the changes that have happened recently; it is slowly becoming too gentrified and becoming bland. But at the moment it’s just right, still a bit rough around the edges but with a nice sourdough loaf conveniently to hand.”

The Lido

“I love coming to the Lido when I have just finished a big project, I like to spend the afternoon swimming, lounging around in the hot tub and maybe a glass of wine at the end. I can’t believe people actually go there all the time, it feels like a luxurious treat.”

Old Market Plants

“The vibe in Old Market Plants is unique, friendly chatty people run it and they have always got so many usual plants in and it’s jam packed with plants and totally luscious. I am slowly building a collection of plants which has brought out a nuturing side of me that I didn’t know was there!”


“I am a trustee at Trinity and it’s a great place for me to be connected with. The program is diverse and feels very driven by the community. Even though it’s right in the city, there feels lots of physical space around it, so that on a bright sunny day the building radiates the sun and seems to glow like a beacon. I am going to be having my 21st birthday there  ( I am not 21, sadly but I have been working as an artist for 21 years and I thought that was something to celebrate).

The train ride from Temple Meads to Avonmouth

“I love getting on this local train service. You get some great views of Bristol that you rarely see on foot and it feels a bit like going back in time. I’m sure if I had to use this train regularly I would be less in love as it’s often late. But if you are in no rush, it’s sublime.”

Main photo by Andre Pattenden

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