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My Bristol Favourites: Joanna Holmes

By martin booth, Friday Feb 7, 2020

Joanna Holmes is the co-director of Wellspring Settlement, which formed in February following the merger of Barton Hill Settlement and Wellspring Healthy Living Centre.

Here are Joanna’s top-five Bristol favourites:

The shops from Lawrence Hill to Redfield

Shops from Lawrence Hill to Redfield. Photo by Ellie Pipe

“I love the variety and wide selection of shops along this stretch of the road close by to where I work. Shop owners here are working hard to keep the high street alive and serve the local community.”

Windmill Hill City Farm

Windmill Hill City Farm – photo by Martin Booth

Windmill Hill City Farm is the perfect spot to spend time with small children whether it’s for a coffee and catch up or a walk to see the animals and get some fresh air. I often leave with something that has been grown in the allotment gardens!”

The Feeder Canal

Feeder Canal – Photo by Flora Snelson

“I always find it interesting to walk along the Feeder Canal out towards Hanham.

Wild Place Project

“There is so much for families to do in Bristol. I enjoy watching the bears and wolves wandering about Wild Place, and seeing the excitement of children when they come into view.”

St George’s Park

St George’s Park – photo by Martin Booth

“There is a real community feel about this park – with its different spaces for everyone to and the commitment by those around it who work hard on events such as Redfest. It’s a great park in the heart of the city.”

Main photo thanks to Joanna Holmes.

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