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Coffee stall on three wheels opened by entrepreneurial couple

By martin booth, Thursday Jul 16, 2020

A couple who both lost their jobs in London due to the coronavirus pandemic are now serving coffee from a converted cargo bike.

Can’t Dance Coffee has been opened by Lucy Grantham and Billy Gurney, selling primarily oat milk coffee alongside a small selection of food including muffins from Chandos Deli.

Lucy and Billy both currently live with Lucy’s mum, whose house is only a few hundred yards from their pitch.

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The pitch is on the corner of Victoria Square in Clifton Village nearest Birdcage Walk, with the battery-powered bike wheeled from Lucy’s mum’s home on Vyvyan Terrace.

The name Can’t Dance Coffee comes from the David Bowie song Lucy Can’t Dance, which Lucy takes umbrage to as she says can actually dance very well.

But the name stuck and now Lucy and Billy commissioned a designer friend, Fred Galley, to make a logo for them, which is proudly displayed on the tricycle as well as their aprons and hats.

Can’t Dance Coffee has been opened by Billy Gurney and Lucy Grantham – photo by Martin Booth

Coffee served here – during opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday – is roasted by Girls Who Grind in Wiltshire, with oat milk unusually the default option – although cow’s milk is available if you ask nicely.

Lucy, 27, previously worked in corporate events at the Royal Academy and Billy, 26, worked in television, and their contracts did not get renewed due to the pandemic.

“We thought, what could we do for our livelihood?” Lucy said. “And also to give something back, so working with local suppliers, trying to be as green and eco as possible, just giving it a go.”

Billy, who grew up in Broughton Gifford near Bradford-upon-Avon and has been a barista previously, added: “It’s great being here in Clifton. Everybody is really nice.

“It feels really like my village back home, and everyone is really nice and friendly. It’s been great to already have some regular customers and we have been enjoying serving people coffee.”

Main photo by Martin Booth

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