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Get wine delivered by a singing cycling grape-o-gram

By lowie trevena, Monday Jun 1, 2020

Wine delivery has been taken to a completely new level by one fun-loving and enterprising businesswoman, who distributes drinks across Bristol on her bicycle dressed as a bunch of grapes, while singing and playing a ukulele.

After delivering the bottle of wine to the lucky recipient, Claudia Collins sings a personalised message two metres from their front door, before wishing them a “grape day” and cycling away.

“With everything being so serious and isolating I felt like this silly idea was needed now more than ever,” says Claudia, 34, who has also been running a project in Knowle West bringing the seaside to south Bristol.

“The first cycle down Wells Road dressed as a bunch of grapes made me feel very silly, but I have got used to it now and sometimes forget.

“Hopefully if I carry on doing this for a while, I will learn more than two chords and make a more three-dimensional grape costume!”

People can order via a Facebook message or Instagram DM, telling Claudia the person’s name, address, what sort of wine they would like, a few key words for the song and a delivery date and time.

The wine recipient can then expect, in Claudia’s own words: “A thoughtful lovely message from a loved one sang badly by a lady dressed as a bunch of grapes, playing only two chords on a green ukulele – and several grape puns!”

Claudia, an artist who usually works in M Shed, is planning on expanding her wine delivery service by partnering with two other local creatives: Katie Ellis, founder and distiller of Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion Gin, and artist Jenni Stuart.

Claudia Collins is delivering wine across the city

Soon, people will be able to order not only a grape-o-gram, but also a ship-shape-o-gram, with an option for a gin and tonic or bottle of gin, as well as optional add-ons such as cards, coasters, prints and tea towels.

“It’s been so lovely sharing people’s messages with their loved ones in such a fun way,” Claudia says. “People have laughed and cried.

“It’s not really about my bad singing or even the wine, it’s more about knowing that you are being thought about by someone that misses you a bunch too.”

All photos: Claudia Collins

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