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All of the independents taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme

By lowie trevena, Friday Jul 31, 2020

With the Government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme launching on Monday, August 3, Bristol24/7 has compiled all the independent hospitality businesses taking part.

The scheme lets diners earn a 50 per cent discount on food and non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in up to a maximum of £10 discount per diner every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between August 3 and 31.

There is concern that large chains will benefit the most from the scheme, instead of smaller independents.

Aine Morris, founder of the Bristol Food Union has encouraged people to eat at independent restaurants, saying: “Whilst the Food Union welcomes the government’s support of the hospitality industry over August, it leaves a somewhat unpleasant taste to realise that the biggest beneficiaries of the scheme will be the multinational fast food chains. These businesses can afford to ride out the economic downturn, whilst many of the smaller independents cannot.

“Bristol’s food community did an exceptional job of keeping the city fed during lockdown, we hope that the public will now lend their support by using this discount with participating independents as much as possible.”


  • The Phoenix, 1 Wellington Buildings, Champion Square, BS2 9DB
  • Taste of Napoli, 32 The Horsefair, BS1 3HZ
  • Eat a Pitta, Broadmead, BS1 3EA
  • Butler’s, The Galleries, BS1 3XD
  • L’Osteria, Unit SU3-SU5, Quaker’s Friars, BS1 3BU
  • Cafeamore, 14 Nelson Street, SB1 2LE
  • The Lanes, 22 Nelson Street, BS1 2LE
  • Chance & Counters, 20 Christmas Steps, BS1 5BS
  • Sergio’s Restaurant, 1-3 Frogmore Steet, BS1 5NA
  • Bocabar Finzels Reach, Fermentation South, Hawkins Lane, BS1 6JQ
  • The White Hart, Lower Maudlin Street, BS1 3LU
  • TrueStart Cafe, Runway East, 1 Victoria Street, BS1 6AA
  • Friska, 36 Victoria Street, BS1 6BY
  • Ye Shakespeare, 78 Victoria Street, BS1 6DR
  • All Saints Coffee, All Saints Street, BS1 2LZ
  • The Crown, 10 All Saints Lane, BS1 1JH
  • Urban Masala, 13a Small Street, BS1 1DE
  • Beirut Mezze, 13a Small Street, BS1 1DE
  • The Ox, 43 Corn Street, BS1 1HT
  • The Bristologist, 47 Corn Street, BS1 1HT
  • Cafe Revival, 56 Corn Street, BS1 1JG
  • Eat a Pitta, St Nick’s Market, BS1 1LA

All of the Eat a Pitta locations in Bristol are taking part in the scheme. Photo: Eat a Pitta

  • Eatchu, St Nick’s Market, BS1 1JQ
  • Low and Slow Barbecue, St Nick’s Market, BS1 1JQ
  • Pieminister, St Nick’s Market, BS1 1JQ
  • Spice Up Your Life, St Nick’s Market, BS1 1JP
  • Dangun, 39-41 St Nicholas Street, BS1 1TP
  • Tuk Tuck, 5 St Stephen’s Street, BS1 1EE
  • Burger Theory, 37-38 St Stephen’s Street, BS1 1JX
  • Friska, 54 Prince Street, BS1 4Q
  • Spicer and Cole, 1 Queen Square, BS1 4JA
  • The Bristol, 1 Prince Street, BS1 4QF
  • Suyuan, Grove Avenue, BS1 4QY
  • Spitfire Barbecue, The Pavillion, 1 Hannover Quay, BS1 5JE
  • New Moon On The Quay, 3 Hannover Quay, BS1 5JE
  • The Louisiana, Bathurst Terrace, BS1 6UA

No music is currently playing at the Louisiana, but the venue is selling pizzas. Photo: Ania Shrimpton

  • Friska, Cathedral Walk, BS1 5LW
  • Steak of the Art, Cathedral Walk, BS1 5LW
  • Sprinkles Gelato,, Millennium Promenade, BS1 5SZ
  • Tikka Flame, Canons Road, BS1 5UH
  • Steinbeck & Shaw, Canons Road, BS1 5UH
  • Cow Bee, 24 College Green, BS1 5TB
  • Swoon Gelato, 31a College Green, BS1 5TB
  • Isakaya Japanese Sake Bar, 39 College Green, BS1 5SH
  • Woodes, 18 Park Street, BS1 5JA
  • Mrs Pott’s Chocolate House, 20 Park Street, BS1 5JA
  • Transylvania Restaurant, 44 Park Street, BS1 5JG
  • All in One, 46 Park Street, BS1 5JG
  • Molto Buono 59, 59 Park Street, BS1 5NU
  • Boston Tea Party, 75 Park Street, BS1 5PF
  • Yakinori, 78 Park Street, BS1 5LA
  • Bristol & Bath Rum Distillery, 87-89 Park Street, BS1 5PW
  • Bambalan, Colston Tower, Colston Street, BS1 4XE

Enjoy Bambalan’s city centre balcony. Photo: Bambalan

  • Zerodegrees, 52 Colston Street, BS1 5BA
  • Chilli Daddy, 17 Perry Road, BS1 5BG
  • Bristol Aquarium, Anchor Road, BS1 5TT
  • Zaza Bazaar, Canon’s Road, BS1 5UH
  • No.1 Harbourside, Canon’s Road, BS1 5UH
  • The Bristol Stable, Canon’s Road, BS1 5UH
  • BSB, Canon’s Road, BS1 5UH
  • Mud Dock, 40 The Grove, BS1 4RB
  • Severnshed, The Grove, BS1 4RB
  • The Cottage Inn, Baltic Wharf, BS1 6XG
  • Lockside, 1 Brunel Lock Road, BS1 6XS
  • Adelina Yard, 3 Queen Quay, Welsh Back, BS1 4SL
  • Pieminister, 7 Broad Quay, BS1 4DA
  • Quay Street Diner, 2 Quay Street, BS1 2JL
  • Three Brothers Burges, Welsh Back, BS1 4SB
  • Pasture, 2 Portwall Lane, BS1 6NB
  • Portwall Tavern, Portwall Lane, BS1 6NB
  • Opa, 14-16 Baldwin Street, BS1 1SE
  • Marmo, 31 Baldwin Street, BS1 1RG
  • Hatter House Cafe, 9 Clare Street, BS1 1XH
  • Dhamaka, 15 Clare Street, BS1 1XH
  • Hoba Kebab, 13-15 King Street, BS1 4EF
  • The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, 17-18 King Street, BS1 4EF
  • Gosha’s House, 19 King Street, BS1 4EF
  • King William, 20 King Street, BS1 4EF
  • Cathay Rendezvous, 30 King Street, BS1 4DZ
  • The Bank Tavern, John Street, BS1 2HR
  • Paco Tapas, 3A The General, Lower Guinea Street, BS1 6SY
  • The Ostrich, Lower Guinea Street, BS1 6TJ

Lots of Bristol’s pubs, including the Ostrich, are part of the scheme. Photo: Martin Booth

  • Better Food, Unit 1-5, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WE
  • Pigsty, Unit 2, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WE
  • Calypso Kitchen, Unit 3, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WE
  • Woky Ko Cargo, Unit 7, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WP
  • Gambas, Unit 12, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6ZA
  • Cargo Cantina, Unit 15, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6ZA
  • The Athenian, Unit 16, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WD
  • Woky Ko Roof Top, Unit 25, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6ZA
  • Seven Lucky Gods, Unit 26, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6ZA
  • Bertha’s Pizza, The Old Gaol Stables, Wapping Wharf, BS1 6WW
  • The Olive Shed, Princes Wharf, BS1 4RN
  • Pieminister, 24 Stokes Croft, BS1 3PR

Pieminister is part of the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. Photo: Martin Booth

  • Tuk Tuck, 32 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QD
  • Biblos, 62A Stokes Croft, BS1 3QU
  • The Canteen, Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, BS1 3QY
  • Bristol Porridge Project, 88 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RJ
  • The Crafty Egg, 113 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RW
  • The Crofter’s Rights, 117-119 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RW
  • Elemental, 123 Stokes Croft, BS1 3RZ
  • Bokman, 3 Ninetree Hill, BS1 3SB


  • Friska, The Eye, Glass Wharf, BS2 0DW
  • Jamaica Street Stores, 37-39 Jamaica Street, BS2 8JP
  • Pizza Bianchi, 6 Upper York Street, BS2 8QN
  • Kansai Kitchen, 53 Hillgrove Street North, BS2 8LT
  • Colston Arms, 24 St Michael’s Hill, BS2 8DX
  • Beerd, 157-159 St Micheal’s Hill, BS2 8DB
  • Pizza 1889, Avonmeads, St Philip’s Causeway, BS2 0SP
  • The Stag and Hounds, 74 Old Market Street, BS2 0EJ
  • The Ill Repute, 16 West Street, BS2 0BH
  • The Old Market Assembly, 25 West Street, BS2 0DF
  • Better Food, 21 Sevier Street, BS2 9LB
  • The Farm, Hopetoun Road, BS2 9Y


  • Redpoint Café, 40 Winterstoke Road, BS3 2NW
  • Ganesha, 54-56 Bedminster Parade, BS3 4HS
  • Grounded, 66-68 Bedminster Pararde, BS3 4HL
  • Sweven, 12 North Street, BS3 1HT
  • North Street Standard, 11-13 North Street, BS3 1EN
  • The Spotted Cow, 139 North Street, BS3 1EZ
  • Hen and Chicken, 210 North Street, BS3 1JF
  • The Malago, 220 North Street, BS3 1JD
  • Pizza Workshop, 232 North Street, BS3 1JD
  • Tincan Coffee Co, 234 North Street, BS3 1JD

Many of the city’s coffee shops are taking part. Photo: Tincan Coffee

  • Fishminister, 267 North Street, BS3 1JN
  • Soukitchen, 277 North Street, BS3 1JP
  • Steak Me Out, The Sundial Kitchen, 291 North Street, BS3 1JP
  • Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar, Raleigh Road, BS3 1TF
  • Mezzaluna, 81 West Street, BS3 3NU
  • Sala, 111 East Street, BS3 4EX
  • Snax, 118 East Street, Bedminster, BS3 4EY
  • The Bubble Play Cafe, 184 East Street, BS3 4EW
  • The Toast Room, 34A East Street, BS3 4HH

Kate Smith of The Toast Room. Photo: Martin Booth

  • Riverside Garden Centre, Clift House Road, BS3 1RX
  • The Robins, Ashton Drive, BS3 2PW


  • Riverside Cafe, Wyatts View, St Anne’s Park, BS4 4WW
  • Bocabar Paintworks, Unit 3.1, Paintworks, BS4 3EH
  • Grounded, 53-55 Sandy Park Road, BS4 3PJ
  • The Knowle Pub, Leighton Road, BS4 2RD
  • Redcatch Community Garden, The Pavilion, Redcatch Park, BS4 2


  • Pipal Tree Restaurant, 28 Chelsea Road, BS5 6AF
  • Thali Easton, 64-66 St Mark’s Road, BS5 6JH
  • Swagatam, 96 St Mark’s Road, BS5 6JD
  • The Greenbank, 57 Belle Vue Road, BS5 6DP
  • Este Kitchen, 7 Greenbank Road, BS5 6EZ

Este Kitchen is now open. Photo: Lowie Trevena

  • Pepes Piri Piri, 94 Stapleton Road, BS5 0PW
  • The African Village Barbeque, 406 Stapleton Road, BS5 6NQ
  • Cafe Conscious, 182 Avondale Road, BS5 9SX
  • Bonnie’s Cafe, 168a Church Road, BS5 9HX
  • Grounded, 287 Church Road, BS5 9HT
  • Bake Box, St George’s Park Kiosk, BS5 7AA


  • The Cadbury House, 68 Richmond Road, BS6 5EW
  • Thali Montpelier, 12 York Road, BS6 5QE
  • The Bristolian, 2 Picton Street BS6 5QA
  • Mr Lahey’s Organic Juice Bar, 39 Picton Street, BS6 5PZ
  • At The Well, 145 Cheltenham Road, BS6 5RR
  • Boston Tea Party, 156A Cheltenham Road, BS6 5RL

All of the Boston Tea Party cafes are open. Photo: Martin Booth

  • The Clock and Dagger, 182-184 Cheltenham Road, BS6 5RB
  • Flour & Ash,203b Cheltenham Road, BS6 5QX
  • The Coconut Tree, 237-239 Cheltenham Road, BS6 5QP
  • La Campagnuola, 9 Zetland Road, BS6 7AG
  • Koocha Mezze Bar, 10 Zetland Road, BS6 7SD
  • The Shakespeare, Lower Redland Road, BS6 6SS
  • Bravas, 7 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LD
  • Brewhouse, 31-35 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JY
  • Muino, 32 Cotham Hill, BS6 6LA
  • Elia Cafe Bar, 50 Cotham Hill, BS6 6JX


  • Beat 2 The Soul, 6 The Promenade, Gloucester Road, BS7 8AL
  • Spicer and Cole, 16 Gloucester Road, BS7 8AE
  • The Gallimaufry, 26-28 Gloucester Road, BS7 8AL
  • Suncraft, 39 Gloucester Road, BS7 8AD
  • Eat a Pitta, 67a Gloucester Road, BS7 8AD
  • The Hogoblin, 69-71 Gloucester Road, BS7 8AS
  • Planet Pizza, 187 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BG
  • Atomic Burger, 189 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BG
  • Bakers & Co, 193 Gloucester Road, BS7 8BG

Bakers & Co on Gloucester Road. Photo: Jessica Powell

  • Lazz Lounge, 272 Gloucester Road, BS7 8PB
  • Boston Tea Party, 293 Gloucester Road, BS7 8PE
  • Coffee Mine, 296 Gloucester Road, BS7 8PD
  • Di Meo, 314B Gloucester Road, BS7 8TJ
  • Per & Kor, 362 Gloucester Road, BS7 8TP
  • Deck Cafe, 365 Gloucester Road, BS7 5QE
  • The Royal Oak, 385 Gloucester Road, BS7 8TN
  • Grounded, 421-425 Gloucester Road, BS7 8TZ
  • The Crafty Cow, 635 Gloucester Road, BS7 0BJ
  • The Wellington, Gloucester Road, BS7 8UR
  • Sportsman & Annexe, Nevil Road, BS7 9EQ
  • The Lazy Dog, 112 Ashley Down Road, BS7 9JR
  • The Gloucester Old Spot, 138-140 Kellaway Avenue, BS7 7YQ
  • Inn on the Green, 2 Filton Road, BS7 0PA
  • Raj Pavillions, 12-14 Filton Road, BS7 9PA


  • Grain Barge, Mardyke Wharf, Hotwells Road, BS8 4RU
  • Square Club, 14-15 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HB
  • Eat a Pitta, 21A Queen’s Road, BS8 1QE
  • The Coconut Tree, 2 Byron Place, BS8 1JT
  • Soukitchen, 59 Apsley Road, BS8 2SW
  • Cloakroom Cafe, Woodland Road, BS8 1US
  • The Alma Tavern and Theatre, 18-20 Alma Vale Road, BS8 2HY
  • Bristol Raj, 36 Alma Vale Road, BS8 2HS
  • Budapest Cafe, 58 Alma Vale Road, BS8 2HS
  • Racks, 11-14 St Paul’s Road, BS8 1LX
  • The Lido, Oakfield Place, BS8 2BJ

Dine at the Lido. Photo: Jess Connett

  • Bakesmiths, 65 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2LY
  • Clifton Thai ,70 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2QA
  • Cafe du Jour, 72 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2QA
  • Thai Classic Restaurant, 87 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2NT
  • Better Food, 94A Whiteladies Road, BS8 2QX
  • Hubbox, 113 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2PB
  • Tradewind Espresso, 118 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2RP
  • The Columbian Company, 121 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2PL
  • The Spiny Lobster, 128-130 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2RS
  • Kuch, 133 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2PL
  • Pizza Workshop, 159a Whiteladies Road, BS8 2RF
  • Urban Kohinoor, 211 Whiteladies Road, BS8 2XS
  • Primrose Cafe, 1 Clifton Arcade, Boyces Avenue, BS8 4AA
  • The Clifton Sausage, 7 Portland Street, BS8 4JA
  • Noa Sushi Restaurant, 12-13 Waterloo Street, SB8 4BT
  • No4 Clifton Village, 4 Rodney Place, BS8 4HY
  • New Moon Tapas, 9 The Mall, BS8 4DP
  • The Clifton Club, 22 The Mall, BS8 4DS
  • Spicer and Cole, 9 Princess Victoria Street, BS8 4BX
  • Somerset House, 11 Princess Victoria Street, BS8 4BX
  • Bauhinia, 5a Boyces Avenue, BS8 4AA
  • Foliage Cafe, 17 Regent Street, BS8 4HW

Foliage Cafe in Clifton. Photo: Martin Booth

  • Nettle & Rye, 16 King’s Road, BS8 4AB


  • The Beehive, 112a Wellington Hill West, BS9 4QY
  • Caffe Arabica, 40 North View, Westbury Park, BS6 7QA
  • Westbury Park Pub, Northumbria Drive, BS9 4HP

Westbury Park Pub’s roast. Photo: Ellie Pipe

  • Hunters Cafe Bar, 135 Stoke Lane, BS9 3RW
  • The Post Office Tavern, 17 Westbury Hill, BS9 3AG
  • Indian Kitchen, 61 High Street, BS9 3ED
  • Kondi, 105 Henleaze Road, BS9 4JP
  • The Eastfield Inn, 219 Henleaze Road, BS9 4NQ
  • The British Raj, 1-3 Passage Road, BS9 3HN
  • Number 7 Kitchen, 7-8 Carlton Court, Canford Lane, BS9 3ED
  • Hunters Cafe Bar, 139 Stoke Lane, BS9 3RW
  • The Mill House, 94 Shirehampton Road, BS9 2DS
  • Cafe96, 96 Henleaze Road, BS9 4JZ
  • The Downs Cafe, Stoke Road, BS9 1FG

Visit The Downs Cafe. Photo: The Downs Cafe


  • Henbury Golf Club, Henbury Road, BS10 7QB
  • Blaise Cafe, Henbury Road, BS10 7QS
  • On a Roll, 3 Arnside Road, BS10 6AT
  • The Occasional Kitchen, Southmead Hospital, Southmead Road, BS10 5NB


  • Shirehampton Park Golf Club, Park Hill, BS11 0UL
  • The Avon Lodge, Third Way, BS11 9YP
  • In The Mouth, 269 Avonmouth Road, BS11 9EN
  • The Lamplighters, Station Road, BS11 9XA


  • Zion Community Space, Bishopsworth Road, BS13 7JW

Zion has reopened. Photo: Tanya Hazell

  • Kings Head, 91 Brigwater Road, BS13 8AE


  • Hengrove Park Leisure Centre, Hengrove Promenande, BS14 0DE
  • Beach Hut Cafe, Hengrove Play Park, BS14 0DE
  • Blue Ginger, 36-38 Gilda Parade, BS14 9HY
  • Leisure Village, West Town Lane, BS14 9EA
  • Cafe Hampton, Bluebell Gardens, Hollway Road, BS14 8AB

Main photo of Spicer and Cole: Martin Booth

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