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A food service for Bristol’s vulnerable Black and Asian families

By lowie trevena, Thursday Jul 2, 2020

Established in April 2020 as a response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Food Hub Consortium Project is feeding 300 families and individuals across central and east Bristol every week.

A response to the need for a food service within Black and Asian communities in Bristol, a consortium of organisations are involved to help distribute food to people who are more vulnerable.

Funded by the Quartet Community Foundation, with Black South West Network as grant holder and project managing organisation, Food Hub Consortium Project volunteers work with Bristol Somali Resource Centre, Bristol Horn Youth ConcernTaloBristol Black CarersBristol Somali Kitchen and Barton Hill Activity Club to distribute the food.

Operating out of Malcolm X Community Centre in St Paul’s, FareShare South West deliver food each Tuesday.

Food is then divided up between the six organisations by volunteers, taking into account different needs and diets. For example, Bristol Somali Kitchen often receive more fresh food that is likely to go off quickly as they can use larger quantities of fresh goods.

FareShare South West deliver food each Tuesday

The project is coordinated by Michelle Meredith, who has been worked with the community in St Paul’s for a long time.

“I just loved the being asked to coordinate the Hub and recruit volunteers to help run the project,” says Michelle.

“I am proud of my volunteers who come from all walks of life, and show up every week to help with deliveries and redistribution of food donated to the Food Hub.”

After volunteers at the Hub allocate the food to each group on a Tuesday, a few members from each organisation come to collect the food, to then redistribute to their members.

The project currently has funding to run until the end of July 2020.

Michelle says: “Despite the current challenges posed by the coronavirus, the spirit of connecting with our local communities and working together to support our vulnerable neighbours and those most affected by the pandemic has been reflected throughout the whole project so far.”

All photos: Food Hub Consortium Project

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