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Cafe Jackalope opens on Gloucester Road

By helen salter, Thursday Sep 7, 2017

Café Jackalope may still be a new arrival on the Gloucester Road but it’s already becoming a firm favourite.

A soothing aroma of coffee fills the room on a recent Wednesday morning, supplied by Bristol’s very own Extract Coffee Roasters. “Extract are just down the road and I think they’re awesome,” says Jackalope owner Jac Ingram.

“I was thinking for months about who I wanted to go with and after having a chat, I was pleased to learn that they choose their partners carefully and care deeply about growing straight from the ground to customers – luckily it’s important for us too.”

Café Jackalope’s quirky decor, including recycled planters

Cakes specially made by local bakers are on display, with gluten free options available too. The food promises to satisfy meat eaters, veggies and vegans alike, with a small but colourful range of wraps, sandwiches and salads, freshly made and prepared daily.

A salad of cous cous and feta with black olives, spinach, cherry tomatoes and cornichons is £5.  Homemade sandwiches, such as their beetroot, kale, hummus, avocado, red onion and courgette cost £4.50 on their own, or are served with salad and crisps for an extra pound.

“Although Café Jacalope is young, I’m aiming to source as locally as I can,” Jac continues. “Whether it’s the coffee, food or art, I’m hoping to bring together as many people as possible.”

It’s the first cafe venture for Jacquelin, who has made some of the corners in the space worthy of an art gallery.

“I was so lucky when building the space, because my family are so supportive and great at all things DIY,” she says.

“I would dream of a floor-to ceiling wall made of wood, and they would get it done and looking perfect in no time!”

Local art adorns the walls

Stepping into the café towards the top of the Gloucester Road near the Memorial Stadium, a set of tall modern chairs face the floor to ceiling window, which brings drenching light and warmth into the room.

The walls are beautifully adorned with contemporary furnishings and local art which you can purchase upon request.

As you venture further, a cosy hole in the wall is painted in a deep teal tone, decked with a smart wooden table, quirky animal décor and vibrant pink cushions. Turn the other way, and you’ll find the lounge.


Jac’s style influences come from all around the world

“I’m a big fan of colour, and I wanted to maintain a fresh and open space,” Jac says as she gives Bristol24/7 a tour around the space.

“I’ve lived abroad in Asia and the Middle East, so I’ve naturally brought in different aspects from all over. I approached three of my favourite local artists, and luckily they were more than happy for me to put their work up on the walls.”

Walking through the lounge and into the following room, you’re presented with a games room with Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit just a few finds on the shelf.

Golden fairy lights line the walls adding extra warmth, together with a dark grey L-shaped sofa filling the room.

A place to linger with friends and play a boardgames

To top it all off, a sweet and leafy patch can be found out back:

Café Jackalope’s modest garden is also dressed to the nines

In the near future, Cafe Jackalope will host a variety of workshops, ranging from French lessons to macramé.

“My main aim is to provide a new space for people to make friends,” Jac says.

“If someone is new to the area and hoping to meet new people, I hope a small group of friendly faces and maybe a bottle of wine will bring a relaxed atmosphere.”

Café Jackalope, 401 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8TS


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