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Avana Lounge – cafe review

By rebecca hodson, Thursday May 18, 2017

It may have only been open for a few weeks, but with its peach colour scheme, orange signs and patterned frosted windows, Avana Lounge already stands out on the Gloucester Road.

This new Middle Eastern-style cafe is owned by the same team as Lona restaurant a few hundred yards away on the other side of the road and occupies a building that was most recently Lashings cafe.

With an opening time of 2pm, Avana Lounge’s menu is currently limited to desserts, milkshakes, smoothies and hot drinks, as well as shishas.

I ordered a strawberry, banana, and chocolate waffle for £4.50 and a hot chocolate for £2.50. Service was quick and friendly, and I could see my food being prepared behind the counter.

Arriving perfectly warm, the waffle had undertones of apple and cinnamon. Accompanying the waffle and fresh fruit was a smooth, creamy scoop of ice cream of vanilla ice cream and enough whipped cream to satisfy anyone’s inner child.

I left feeling impressed, my afternoon cravings fulfilled. Avana Lounge has a lot of promise, as long as it manages to establish itself not solely because of its bright colours.

Avana Lounge, 260 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8PB


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