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Adam Buxton’s Colston Hall show launches Encounters 2017 with a bang

By robin askew, Thursday Jul 13, 2017

Inaugurated a decade ago as a bi-monthly celebration of music video creativity at the BFI Southbank, BUG has become something of a pop cultural phenomenon, spawning its own series on Sky Atlantic. Essentially one man – Adam Buxton of The Adam and Joe Show fame – and his laptop, this music and comedy extravaganza frequently attracts some of the top music video directors and musicians. Not all of them, mind. Gorillaz refused to take part because Adam regularly made fun of Damon Albarn. One of BUG’s most amusing elements is the presenter reading aloud extracts from unhinged comments appended to YouTube videos.

Now he’s bringing the show to Bristol for the first time to launch the 23rd annual Encounters short film and animation festival. As the title suggests, Best of BUG: The Evolution of Music Video comprises the most popular, striking and occasionally surreal videos from recent BUG shows, along with the pick of those comments from the more deranged members of the online community.

What can you expect? Well, here’s one of the vids that Adam has described as being among the funniest he’s encountered. The Children Medieval Band are a trio of American kids who specialise in covering songs by German industrial metal titans Rammstein. He told Time Out that he started watching this “amused by how inappropriate it seemed, a feeling that quickly gave way to considerable admiration.” Watch that five-year-old drummer go!

The show takes place at the Colston Hall on Tuesday, September 19. Tickets, priced £21.50, go on sale from 10am on Friday, July 14. For tickets, visit

This year’s Encounters festival runs from September 19-24. Watch this space for more programme information as we get it.

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