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‘We even have a stab at explaining Brexit to kids’

By steve wright, Monday Oct 28, 2019

Ever wondered how politics works? Let alone how to explain it to your kids? Tatton Spiller (Simple Politics) and Tiernan Douieb (Comedy Club 4 Kids, CBBC’s The Slammer) present How Does This Politics Things Work Then?, a comedy show for ages 6+ and their families that promises to explain the murky world of politics – and to entertain as it goes.

“Politics is boring. Politics is complicated. Politics is for adults… Rubbish! Politics is actually super important and can be made really fun, if you know how. Luckily Tatton and Tiernan know exactly how and will show you over 60 minutes just how to make sense of it all.

“You might not be able to vote yet. You do have opinions, though. You know the world you want to see. You know what’s right and what’s wrong. Also, you want to have a fun. Comedy Club 4 Kids specialise in making children laugh and Simple Politics specialise in making them understand how politics works in a clear, informative and fun way. So we’ve teamed up for a show that keeps you entertained, engaged and informed so you can also shout at the telly along with your parents during Question Time!”

“The ethos is just right.” ★★★★ The Telegraph on Comedy Club 4 Kids

With HDTPTWT? pitching up in Bristol on November 10, courtesy of ace local programmers Chuckle Busters, here’s Tiernan to tell us more.

What age(s) do you pitch the show at?
The show is suitable for everyone from 7 to 99. I mean, some six-year-olds really get it too – as do some 100-year-olds, but they’re usually too busy reading their letters from the Queen to pay attention.

Tatton Spiller (L) and Tiernan Douieb present their entertaining and informative show, unpacking modern politics for ages 7 and above

How does the show work: are there infographics, anecdotes, Powerpoint presentations, role plays?
It works by Tatton cleverly explaining exactly how politics, democracy and the UK parliament work, or are at least meant to, using his slideshow. And by me sabotaging it with silly gags and cat pictures, but also very much learning along the way too.

Most adults would probably say they have only the most basic grasp of politics. Will they get something from this show too?
Definitely. We keep getting parents asking if we can do a grown-up version of the show, or take this show to their workplace – or even to Westminster, as they often suggest that it might help everyone there too.


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Do your own ideologies come through in the show, or are you careful to present everything totally even-handedly?
It is a completely non-partisan show, and it’s just about how kids and their parents can understand what’s going on and how to make their voices heard too. There might also be a terrible impersonation of the Prime Minister from me, but this does change depending on who it is, so it’s not ideology-based. Though the current one is much easier to impersonate than the last one was….

I’m sure the show is informative… how do you make it funny too? Is politics an easy arena to get humour from?
I think it is anyway, as for grown-ups I do a weekly political podcast and talk about it in my adult stand-up sets. But for kids, there’s loads to find jokes in – everything from party symbols to policies and more. In our show, though, I’m the well-meaning foil to Tatton’s presentation, so children find it hilarious that I’m far less informed than they are.

I guess there are certain parts of the political agenda – the environment, education – that will interest kids more than others… do you zoom in on those sectors?
Yep we do but we make the areas that might not directly affect them understandable too, and even take a stab at explaining Brexit. The whole show is an overview so hopefully they’ll walk away from it having laughed, learned and able to understand a bit more just what’s going on when the next time their parents shout at the news.

How Does This Politics Thing Work Then? November 10, Wardrobe Theatre, 2-3pm. For more info, visit

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