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Artist of the Month: Oshe

By bristol247, Saturday Mar 25, 2017

This month’s Artist is Oshe whose striking Avon Gorge (below) is exclusively available through our online shop.

As always the work is available unframed or framed through our friends at The Little Framing Company. You can also quote ‘Bristol24/7’ to get a 15% discount on anything else you want framing there.

“I draw shapes of colour in order to build up an image and see how many, or how few, shapes are needed for the viewer to complete the picture in their mind,” explains Stu Watkin, the illustrator behind Oshe.

“I’ve always enjoyed the simplification of images, probably partly thanks to the posters promoting the Liverpool Overhead Railway and Parisian nightlife which adorned the walls of my childhood home.”

Oshe creates illustrations, largely of landscapes, in a style reminiscent of 1950s travel posters: the artistic stylings of a romanticised time of travel when trips to the English Riviera and Whitby were packaged.

Based on Windmill Hill, many of Stu’s existing artworks are of Bristol; the Lido, the Floating Harbour, and the Balloon Fiesta are frequent inspirations.

Bristol is an ideal creative space, according to Stu: “It’s such a good-looking place both naturally and architecturally, so it only seemed right to try and include both in my featured art.”

Stu chose the subject for Avon Gorge (the exclusive piece for Bristol24/7) because of his love for rivers: “They always seem to lead us off. Plus the view includes the spectacular gorge, bridge, and Bristol’s best picnic spot.”

Originally from Chester, then drawn to Exeter for the beauty of the West Country, Stu now lives in Bristol. He says that the city is “like a giant crucible of creativity – all the creatives I meet are so open and willing to share ideas which is really uplifting.”

A few years ago, the below framed print of Portishead Lido (also available through our online shop) was likened to Hockney’s depictions of LA. In Stu’s mind, there’s no higher praise.

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