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Artist of the month: Hattie Buckwell

By lowie trevena, Tuesday Jun 4, 2019

Hattie Buckwell’s artwork is well-known in the city. She is selling exclusive prints of one of her most recognised artworks, Bristol Roundscape, with Bristol24/7 and Hidden Gallery.

Hattie is an illustrator that works with watercolours and inks to add details to her art. Having moved to Bristol to attend art school, she was “lucky enough to join artist co-operate Blaze straight after graduating,” and has been making and selling her own work since then.

Not only does the artist produce Bristol-themed artwork, she also has a love of nature which can be seen in her work, took part in the popular Bristol Etsy Team x Bristol Girl Bosses pop-up shop over Christmas last year and recently completed her first book cover illustration for A Better Man by Louise Penny. “It was a very exciting project to work on with such a well-known author of a much-loved series, I can’t wait to see it in the wild,” says Hattie.

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The artist has been based in Bristol for eight years, saying: “I live in Easton, near the wonderful St Mark’s Road. I’ve lived in Bristol for eight years and love the sense of community that comes with living in the city while being surrounded by countryside and lots of good walks.”

Hattie describes the process of creating Bristol Roundscape, the piece for sale through Bristol24/7 and Hidden Gallery. “I wanted to capture beautiful Bristol in illustration form, squeezing in colourful houses, lots of trees and Clifton Suspension Bridge,” she says. “I painted in layers of watercolours with tiny windows and leaves added in with pen and ink. I love to weave lots of stories and details to spot across my work. I really enjoy imagining all the lives playing out from within my illustrated worlds.”

The piece features notable Bristol landmarks – the Clifton Suspension Bridge, balloons and colourful houses

Looking to the future, Hattie has big plans, working on new illustrations inspired by her recent travels and working on an American project. In case that wasn’t enough to keep the artist busy, she’s “also squeezing in painting ideas for an illustrated book which I’m really excited about, when I have time.”

Even though the artist has big plans, Hattie won’t be leaving the city anytime soon. “I love to be part of the artist community which make Bristol so great,” she says.

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