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Artist of the month: Anna Francis

By lowie trevena, Monday Jul 1, 2019

Inspired by the Bristol A to Z and local Ordnance Survey maps, Anna Francis is a printmaker exploring contours, rivers and roads they feature.

An artist using traditional and digital methods, Anna is selling a limited edition giclee print of Cheddar Gorge through Bristol24/7 and Hidden Gallery.

Finishing Cheddar Gorge wil gold metallic paint

Anna’s artistic journey started with a photography degree at Nottingham Trent University, before moving to Bristol in 1997 as a freelance photographer. She then completed a postgraduate diploma in Interactive Art at Bath Spa University, where she discovered an interest in digital design and maps.

“I first made maps as stencils when I got together with a group of friends about 18 years ago,” says Anna. “We formed D*Frost and had several shows around the South West and one in London. That’s when I really got into it.”

Anna stills live in Bristol, over 20 years later: “I live in Bedminster, a stone’s throw from North Street, which I love. I sell work through Casper, which is one of many great shops along the street.”

The artist talks through the process of creating her map designs, describing how she chooses a location and finds the best reference, before drawing the piece in Photoshop. Anna then prints it onto art paper and uses gold paint and a polish to finish the piece with a high shine.

Anna has had several notable moments throughout her artistic career. “I really enjoyed being part of the Made In Bristol team – selling my work through and doing shifts in their pop-up shops. I also had my work chosen to be on the front cover of Bristol Through Maps, a book by Jeff Bishop.”

Looking to the future, Anna is “about to start a commission of an area in France that I’m looking forward to doing, as it will feature a golden lake.” She also hopes to learn how to screen-print so she can produce larger pieces of work.

Throughout this, she continues to create beautiful pieces of art mapping Bristol, the city she lives in and loves.

Cheddar Gorge

Buy a limited edition giclee print of Cheddar Gorge at: 50 per cent of proceeds will go towards Better Bristol.

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