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Artist of the month: Cai Burton

By lowie trevena, Friday Oct 18, 2019

“I became an illustrator at school in my physics class, when my friends would watch me doodle all over my notebooks,” says Cai Burton.

Cai has progressed from doodler to become a well-known Bristol artist, and is selling a new piece, Bristol Transport, with Bristol24/7.

“I’ve discovered what being an artist means by learning from others, reading online and practicing lots,” says Cai. “I believe that art brings people together and can help create a happier and healthier society.”

Cai is selling Bristol Transport with Bristol24/7

Currently, the artist focuses much of his time on large-scale murals that lots of people can enjoy: “It’s amazing to work on a large scale!”

One of Cai’s favourite murals to create has been a collaborative project with students with disabilities and additional needs from Claremont School.


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The artist also works on a smaller scale, creating prints, postcards and more.

“All my work is hand drawn, so every dot, line and detail is done traditionally. I use a huge range of pens to create the intricate detail in the piece, including ones that are half a millimetre thin! I then scan it and make sure I fix all my mistakes before sending it off to print as locally as I can.”

The piece Cai is selling with Bristol24/7, Bristol Transport, is one of these smaller-scale pieces and features nine Bristol-based modes of transport.

Cai is also a muralist. Photo by Ferla Paolo

Cai lives in Redland and works in an Easton studio. As well as creating art, he is also part of Freedom of Mind, a festival destigmatizing mental health.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2019, Cai says: “I’m really excited to book in some more murals, but equally I’m busy preparing for Christmas where I’ll be selling a load of my prints, Christmas cards and gifts!

“That time of year is filled with markets and I’ll be doing some around Bristol, including the Etsy Made Local fair and the Made in Bristol Gift Fair.”

Buy a print of Bristol Transport at 40 per cent of proceeds will go towards Better Bristol.

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