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Artist of the Month: Angie Kenber

By bristol247, Monday Feb 26, 2018

Abstract painter Angie Kenber creates striking works in bold colours, inspired by her own life experiences. She is our Artist of the Month, and is selling her work through the Bristol24/7 online shop.

“I began by drawing and making sculpture from life during my teens and twenties, culminating in gaining a fine art degree at UWE as a mature student – completed over seven years with three small children!” Angie says of her early life as a painter. It’s testament not only to her determination but also to her talent that she completed her degree and was rewarded with success. “That led to exhibitions in London, Cornwall and the Cotswolds, as well as several times at the RWA New Gallery and other notable galleries in Bristol.”

Cornwall features in many of her paintings, and the landscape is the inspiration for Cornish Moorland, prints of which she is selling exclusively through Bristol24/7. “I have, for a long time, felt a strong attachment to the area around St Ives and the Penwith peninsula, and have regularly painted there, including a residency on Cape Cornwall,” she continues. “The colours are rich and vibrant.”


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When it comes to creating a painting, Angie almost always works in square format, with what she calls a “chunky canvas”. “I like the fact that the orientation has no particular connotations either with landscape or portrait and is free to be enjoyed as an abstract or semi-abstract artwork,” she says. “It is also physically pleasing as a 3D object.

“I often start with an overall background colour and then layer colours on top – much as in my screen-printing days. The colours talk to each other and demand others. It is a pretty intuitive process, possibly over quite a long time, before the painting tells me it’s finished.

“I suppose in my work, I am hoping to make the onlooker feel the sensations that I feel. I have had comments that my work is joyful and uplifting, and that the ‘colour always makes me feel better’. For the people who love my work to fully engage and be enriched by it is humbling and very fulfilling.”

Angie is based at BV Studios in Bedminster, and says she can’t imagine being anywhere else. “Bristol is a rich source of inspiration for me, and where I live has contributed to my work: I overlook the hills and the river, and the horizon has featured many times in my work. The wide expanse of land and sky never ceases to thrill me whatever the weather.”

Profits from artwork sold through Bristol24/7 will be donated to the YesBristol Basket Brigade. Their annual auction raises money to fill baskets at Christmas for people in great need. “I feel privileged to have experienced the joy and tears on peoples’ faces when they anonymously receive a Christmas hamper,” Angie says.

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