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Jane Duffus: The Women Who Built Bristol Volume Two

Date: Saturday, Nov 2 2019
Time: 6:00pm
Venue: John Wesley’s Chapel / The New Room
Price: £5

Jane Duffus discusses The Women Who Built Bristol: Volume Two.

“Come and hear stories of women from all walks of life; courageous pioneers, passionate campaigners, and hard grafters. This thought-provoking talk will leave you inspired and challenged to be a power for good in our city.”

From 6pm there will be an opportunity to explore the New Room Museum and follow the ‘Women’ audio guide highlights tour. The talk will begin at 7pm.

“Behind every strong city, there is an even stronger army of women creating the bricks with which to build it. In volume two of The Women Who Built Bristol we meet a further 250 inspiring females who fought tooth and nail to shape our city and the wider world. Olympians rub shoulders with boot makers; suffragists stand beside grocers; scientists are as one with artists. They include one washed up whale, two plucky daredevils, 38 women called Mary, 1,955 donated eggs and much, much more besides.”


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By joe melia, Monday, Aug 5 2019

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